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Did You Know's of Medicare

  • Social security wants you to send in your information two-months before you turn 65 in order to get your Medicare ID.
  • Both low-income seniors and high-income seniors have lots of options to get the care and benefits they are entitled to receive. Many seniors are not aware that because of their current situation, they are entitled to receive Dental, Hearing, Vision, Over the Counter Items and Gym Memberships all at no cost to them.
  • Medicare only pays 80% of your life insurance bills even though you worked your entire life. There are various health plans that can either lower or eliminate the 20% responsibility that seniors on Medicare are left with. What is more confusing, is that your income will play a major part in the decision process.
  • A lot of seniors are paying too much for their health plan and their drugs. All supplement plans are required to be the same, but can vary in cost. Some individuals may even be surprised to learn that they may be in the wrong plan.
  • Most seniors are living alone. In 1960, only 13% of people lived alone. By 2011, that number rose to 28%, 12 million of which were seniors. After the passing of a spouse, they are forced to make decisions that they were never prepared to do alone.
  • Social security only pays $255 upon the loss of a loved one, and that's IF you qualify. The problem is, $255 barely pays for the cost of flowers. In 1960, the average funeral cost $708. In 2011, the average funeral cost $6,560, an increase of 827%. The low estimate in our area for funeral costs is over $11,000 and that does not include the other expenses. 
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