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5 Reasons to get life insurance today!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Life can bring unexpected twists and turns that affect us physically, emotionally, and financially. If something were to happen to you today, would your family be fine without you? Having an active life insurance policy is the best way to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your passing.

The sooner you get started on life insurance, the better, and here’s why:

  1. It protects your loved ones financially after your passing. In the event that something happens to you today, would your family need help to pay the bills? When you die, the insurance company pays your family, or whoever you named as the beneficiaries, the amount of money specified in the policy. Investing in a good amount of life insurance can help them pay bills and any other ongoing expenses they may have after your passing, therefore making sure they are financially secure for the years to come.

  2. To pay for final expenses. It is no secret that dying is expensive. Final expense life insurance will cover the cost of end-of-life expenses including the cost of your death funeral arrangements, and burial. The average funeral now costs between $7,000-$10,000, which can be a big financial burden for families to take on at the time of a loss. Having life insurance coverage in place makes sure your loved ones don’t have to worry about going into debt while they are grieving your loss.

  3. The older you get, the more it costs. One of the main factors that drives life insurance premiums cost is the age of the applicant. It’s best to take out a life insurance policy when you are young, single, and without any dependents. If you want to save money through the years, take advantage of the lower rates while you are young and healthy since the premiums will only continue to get more expensive as you get older. After all, why wait to get something you know you are going to buy eventually?

  4. Invest while you are still healthy. General health is another very crucial factor taken into consideration in the life insurance company’s decision as to how much a policy will cost. Some insurance companies require a very brief health examination, but all of them will request your medical history from your recent doctors as well as your extended medical records. Certain underlying conditions and medical issues can increase your rates, or even prevent you from getting approved.

  5. Be prepared for the unexpected and unplanned. Life can change at any moment, and it is responsible to always be prepared for the worst. Take for example the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently ravaging through our country. Thousands of people are falling ill, and many of whom have died from the virus. You can’t get life insurance if you are currently infected with COVID-19. Many of these people were not prepared to get sick, and now they cannot meet face-to-face with an insurance agent or get a medical exam needed to get approved. You can’t predict the future. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but you can always plan for the worst.

Getting life insurance is the smartest investment you may make in your lifetime. Take some time to explore your options and be financially responsible – not only for yourself, but especially the people you will leave behind.

Get life insurance. It’s affordable and it’s the right thing to do for your family. If you don't believe us, check out Lendedu's article, "Is life insurance worth it?" by Melissa Horton.

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