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5 Virtual Check-In Ideas For Remote Working

In the age of social distancing, remote work has become the norm in our organization amongst many others. Diversified is taking this time spent apart to revolutionize the way our employees work and communicate with one another during the workweek.

Internal communication is more important now more than ever. Since we lack the ability to have true face-to-face interaction, we have worked on building an active employee community while working remotely. Apart from video chats and conference calls, Diversified took the initiative to orchestrate some home-grown methods to connect and engage everyone company-wide.

Here are some “Virtual Check-Ins” the Diversified team has found effective:

  1. Newsletters & Blog Posts: Keeping people updated on what is happening beyond the public view is imperative in the remote-work setting. It keeps employees in the loop with any important news or updates that they may be interested in knowing. Diversified’s Social Media Director sends out frequent company-wide email blasts to broadcast announcements and relay important information. Noticeably, we also have The Diversified Blog to give weekly accounts of our progress.

  2. Group Chat: Diversified uses “WhatsApp” to keep our sales agents engaged with recognition. Every team in the company has its own individual group chat section that they can speak freely in with encouragement and progress updates. For instance, our Telesales Agents have their own conversation where they announce every time they make a sale – which in the end personally recognizes the agent for their success, and hopefully motivates other members on the team to accomplish their own goals.

  3. Ask Questions: Getting employees to give any sort of feedback is an easy way to keep everyone on the team engaged and connected. Simply asking everyone easy questions on the daily ZOOM call or in the company WhatsApp chat usually gains a few solid responses. Start by asking, “What are you binge-watching? What recipes are you following this quarantine? What’s for lunch today?” We promise the return will be better than expected as the team will casually interact with one another.

  4. Happy Hour: This is probably the most popular activity that companies all over the country are participating in, but Diversified has had a lot of success with it! Getting everyone on video for a session of drinking and funny conversations is a blast and everyone seems to enjoy it. We like to make it original and set a theme for each session so it is not exactly the same experience every week. Facilitating virtual company-wide meetings puts the life back into our workplace.

  5. Digital Games: Interactive digital games are a fun and creative way to encourage engagement, and can be shared through email, webchat, and of course social media. Using a design platform like Canva, you can create virtual games that are particular to your company’s culture. Try creating remote-work themed activities such as “This or That” or *insert company name* “Bingo” for your next social media campaign, and ask employees to fill it out and send it back. Maybe throw in a prize to attract even more engagement!

Diversified is truly embracing the work-from-home life, and technology makes it possible for our employees to interact virtually with the rest of the team in different formats. During these trying times, we have had to relearn how to communicate and connect with one another and create innovations that make it almost effortless to do so. Interestingly enough, our team is actually collaborating with each other now more than ever!

We hope you can use some of these virtual techniques to increase engagement between everyone in your remote workplace.

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