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How Diversified is killing the insurance game amidst the crisis

Business is rapidly changing in the Coronavirus world, and there is no other option besides learning to adapt to the new conditions if you want your business to succeed.

The insurance industry for one, relies heavily on face-to-face interaction. Agents frequently meet with new clients in their homes to review their benefits, review other insurance options, and explain to them what else they may be entitled to. They also have frequent meetings with current clients to help them get any additional coverage they may need and give feedback about their policy. This is how insurance agents build rapport and maintain close relationships with clients.

Senior Citizens are often targets of phone scams, so many actually prefer meeting face-to-face with an insurance agent since they are not comfortable giving out their personal information over the phone. The call center at The Diversified Companies, for example, calls Carrier clients directly in order to book weekly appointments for our agents. The agents will meet the clients in person wherever they feel most comfortable - whether that be at their homes, a Dunkin' Donuts, Senior Centers, etc.

An unfortunate result of the Coronavirus pandemic is that face-to-face meetings are no longer desirable. Social distancing regulations have made it nearly impossible for agents to meet with clients in person, and in order to keep working, Diversified has been required to change the way that our field agents and the company itself conduct business.

Diversified has taken its sales force and transitioned them to the phone. We are supplying our agents with free Carrier-Direct leads that they are using to contact carrier clients directly from their home offices.

Diversified's very own The Rose Boys, accompanied by the Administration Team offer constant support through email blasts, daily conference calls, and video chats to make sure everyone is getting the assistance they need. By supplying them with the proper technology and resources, our agents have been killing it in the midst of this crisis - each making 8-10 sales each week from selling over the phone from home.

The industry is changing, and Diversified is staying on top of it - compared to many competitors who are struggling to find a way to keep their agents working amidst the crisis. Many of our Medicare Advantage and Final Expense partners have platforms that allow agents to compliantly sell policies over the phone.

It hasn't been smooth sailing the entire way, but Diversified is dedicated to doing whatever we can to have our agents and employees succeed during this difficult time.

If you are a Licensed Agent with experience in phone sales who's ability to sell has been affected by #COVID-19 and are looking for a way to prosper during this pandemic, apply online on our website, or call 973-233-6841 to get started.

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