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Medicare Coverages and COVID-19

Many Americans are wondering exactly what their health insurance provider covers if they were to become exposed or infected with the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Specifically, senior citizens have been repeatedly warned by medical experts to practice extra safety measures to protect themselves from the virus. It is common for those 65 and older to have weakened immune systems and underlying medical conditions, which puts them at a particularly high risk for serious illness if they were to be infected.

The good news is, Medicare Parts A and B already covers its members for most of their medical needs; Part B especially. In response to the pandemic, Medicare has taken some necessary steps to expand services and loosen certain rules pertaining to coverage, to ease some of the stress.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Under Part B, Medicare will cover the cost of a test for the Coronavirus when issued by a healthcare provider who accepts Medicare Part B (outpatient services). Co-pays and deductibles for the test have been waived, along with associated services such as doctor visits or hospital observation.

  • Under Part A, Medicare will cover care for COVID-19 if one were to require hospitalization. Keep an eye out on deductibles and copayments if the stay exceeds 60 days.

  • If a vaccine for COVID-19 does become available, C.M.S (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has stated that it would be covered under Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans), including both stand-alone plans and Medicare Advantage plans that cover drugs.

Most seniors 65 and older are already enrolled in Medicare and have experience accessing their benefits. Traditional Medicare may cover most medical costs, but Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement fill the gaps of coverage that Social Security leaves behind. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation. six million Medicare enrollees have no supplemental insurance at all. This is probably because they aren’t aware they could be entitled to more benefits at no cost to them.

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