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Seniors, Beware of Insurance Scams!

In today’s technological boom, most telephone users are generally used to receiving calls from telemarketers and scammers claiming to be representatives from insurance companies or various government agencies. It is no secret that Senior Citizens are the target of most of these scams, and many have fallen victim to fraud. Unfortunately, even during a global pandemic, seniors may be a target of telemarketers selling fraudulent services and products relating to COVID-19.

The scams are coming in forms of robocalls, text messages and emails in an attempt to get consumers to pay premiums in promise of non-existent insurance coverage for COVID-19. They will falsely claim to be familiar insurance companies in order to gain trust and gather confidential information. Similar to other scams, these insurance cons also can work to hijack senior’s medical and financial identities.

Seniors, please be wary of any unknown callers or email addresses promising low-cost "coronavirus" or "COVID-19" health coverage. Telemarketers will attempt to sell vaccines, tests, "Senior Care Packages" in an attempt to steal identities. Although these con-artists do not discriminate and will scam anyone who fits the mold, it is very crucial to make sure no one shares their Medicare information or Social Security number over the phone.

Technology is constantly advancing, and not every Senior Citizen is familiar with how it all works. The Rose Boys at Diversified are dedicated to helping Seniors learn exactly what they are entitled to in a safe and comfortable environment. Our services are available five days a week with one of our licensed representatives who can explain all of the up to date information on Medicare benefits.

Get your free Medicare consultation today by calling 1-844-244-8000 and learn what you are entitled to at no cost, no scam.

*It is imperative that if you think you have been the victim of one of these scams that you report it immediately. When in doubt, you can always call your current insurance provider and inquire what they offer in correspondence to COVID-19.

(United States Special Committee on Aging FRAUD hotline: 1-855-303-9470)

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