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Smiling & Dialing at Diversified

Hitting a wall with sales recently? Not every week can be a $10,000 week, but at the very least what you can do is smile and dial.

At Diversified, most of our sales agents have moved from in-person appointments with clients to reaching out to clients over the phone due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Over the course of the last 3 months, our new telesales system has been tried and tested, and our methods have proven to be an extremely successful way of maintaining clients and conducting new business in the age of social distancing.

Telesales is a different game of course, and requires a certain amount of time and dedication to each lead in order to close a sale. Following the guidelines provided by both the carrier and CMS, all of our agents call upon many clients each day to see if they can help them, and give them information on additional benefits they may be entitled to.

Diversified asked its top sales agents for tips on how to be the most successful when connecting with clients over the phone in order to increase sales. Here are the most influential tips from their own experience:

  1. It’s a numbers game – the more times you dial, the more sales you will have! Call as many numbers as you can in a day, and by default your response rate will be higher. Our agents who call 200+ clients per day have higher sales rates than those who call less than 100.

  2. Leave a detailed and informative message – include your name and number, as well as what they could be entitled to – such as a dental or hearing benefits, a gym membership, or a personal emergency response system. They will be more inclined to call back with questions.

  3. Make sure you ask good questions – the quality of questions you ask will determine the quality of telesales agent you will be. Communicating with clients over the phone rather than in person requires more attention to get all of the proper information.

  4. Remember that you know more than they do! You are the expert in this scenario. Take control of the call, and be confident in your knowledge. Let it be clear that you are a reliable source, and can back up everything you say with the tools and resources you have on hand. Be patient and understanding that they may question the good news that you are giving them.

  5. Stay with the times – discuss the current climate, such as the weather or current events, to show that you are in-tune with what is going on in the rest of world. Small talk and conversation can help bridge the relationship from agent to client.

  6. Most importantly, make a friend – it is extremely important to build trust with a client, and over the phone this can be more challenging than with face-to-face interaction. Show that you are more than a sales agent, but rather a Senior Specialist who is here to assist with whatever they may need.

Whether you are struggling to get a call back or finding it hard to even get someone to answer the phone, refer back to these tips and see what a difference they make in your daily progress. Like we always say here at Diversified – keep on smiling and dialing! You will get the best results by being consistent and not letting the frustration of a bad sales day ruin your mojo.

Here is an excerpt from a message from Diversified’s #1 Telesales Agent, since the first week of work-from-home:

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