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Now Hiring! Diversified has successfully transitioned its Sales Team to work remotely, and we want to help other Insurance Agents who have been negatively affected by the pandemic to do the same. It is no secret that conducting business in the age of social distancing is challenging, but Diversified has the tools and innovations to allow anyone who is motivated enough to be a successful leader in the insurance industry.

Many agents who are accustomed to working out in the field are undoubtedly wondering just how they can approach their clients and prospects in the age of social distancing. In order to do so, they would need the proper technology and a structured process to pursue.

The companies we work from home with are making it possible for agents to operate on a non-face-to-face basis. Better yet, this goes for both Medicare Advantage AND Final Expense! These carriers have made the proper adjustments to grant access to electronic delivery of policy and over the phone enrollments. See a list of all the carriers we work with here!

Thus far, our agents have had tremendous success with this tried and tested program. They have proven the ability to be self-motivated and goal-oriented. Making 8-10 sales PER WEEK just by working from home, the numbers speak for themselves.

Conducting business over the phone rather than face-to-face is definitely a stray from the norm, but it isn't impossible to do. Even when operating remotely with our insurance carriers, Diversified's agents receive: 

  1. Sense of security continuation for clients

  2. "Point of Sale Decision" functionality in place with carriers 

  3. Diversified Staff on-call for all of their business needs

If you think that you have what it takes to thrive from a remote-work setting, take advantage of this opportunity and work with an FMO that truly markets for you and tailors a plan that makes sense! Diversified has the technological tools and innovations to sustain your business and support you, amidst the crisis. 

Apply today by calling 973-233-6841 or visit our website!

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