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What goes around, comes back around

You have probably already read about how Diversified Companies has taken life’s lemons and made them into the best lemonade, ever – but we wanted to take the initiative to show just how much we are paying it forward.

Diversified’s mission statement emphasizes making a positive impact on the lives of our associates, employees, and clients. The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has forced small businesses like ours to close its doors until further notice and make immediate changes to the way we conduct business.

In reaction to the current crisis, the main objective was putting people back to work so they can earn an income. The company implemented the necessary innovations to make it possible for agents and employees to work from home – never having been done previously at Diversified. Currently, our representatives have all of the technology and tools they need to service their clients and help other Seniors who may need assistance with their current Medicare coverage.

Over the course of the last month or so, Diversified has demonstrated the ability to put our employees and agents back to work remotely. In addition to motivating and guiding our agents down a successful path, we strive to do the same, if not more, for all of our clients.

Proper healthcare coverage is more essential to have now than ever, and our Licensed Agents are available 7-days a week to help Senior Citizens help weigh the costs and fill the gaps in coverage that Social Security leaves behind. Our Medicare Advantage plans cover things like…

In times of crisis or not, Diversified Companies is killing the insurance game from all angles. Helping our clients make sure they are getting everything they are entitled to at the lowest possible cost is our main priority. We have given our agents everything they need to guide Seniors to understand their benefits and in return, they have each positively impacted the life of someone in need.

The company vision of “Positively Impacting Lives” of everyone in our business goes far beyond marketing Medicare Advantage plans. It is so good to be a part of a business that is able to help those with something they truly need, like great health insurance coverage.

Need to make sure you or a loved one are efficiently covered? Call today for a free Medicare benefit consultation at 1-844-244-8000 or visit to learn more.

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